Kendra Brogdon Wraps Up First Set of College Finals: She thinks she got 100% in accounting :)

Kendra received a DHHS Alliance scholarship in May 2015 and is now a freshman at Towson University where she studies business and finance. She, like other college freshman, has been slogging through finals the last two weeks. After finishing her last one she says she thinks she got a 100% on her accounting final! When asked what she was most proud of in college so far she said:

My most meaningful accomplishment in college is moving in a week early and joining a residential learning community called "Students Achieving Goals Through Education (SAGE)," this demonstrates how overtime I've become an extrovert and actually enjoy the company of my SAGE family. Also, I have connected with many Deans and Presidents all throughout Towson University and I managed to outstandingly expand my network.

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