Where We Are, Currently

We are continuing to grow in both numbers and initiatives. We have a lot to do, but in the meantime here is some basic information about us.

The foundation of DHHS Alliance is pretty well set. Digital Harbor High School Alliance, Inc. is officially established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in “good standing” with the State of Maryland and the Internal Revenue Service.

Membership is a critical component of our organization and an essential part of achieving our goals of supporting the school. We include all who register interest. Your commitment as a member is simply to be on a mailing list so you will be informed about the school, be aware of the needs and opportunities for support, and be responsive as appropriate to your circumstances.

Communication is key to our success. Initially, we focus on website and Email. That is our commitment to you. We welcome your suggestions and feedback as we proceed to build our processes and programs.

Current initiatives include:

  • “Dollars for Digital Scholars” Scholarship Fund: A scholarship fund established by the community at the Baltimore Community Foundation for graduates of Digital Harbor.
  • DigiBall: A highly energized party that brings together the school, neighborhood, surrounding businesses and technology community to celebrate the school and  students’ successes while raising funds for the DHHS Scholarship Fund.  Stay updated about details and behind the scenes work on our Facebook Page and DigiBall Blog
  • Digital Scholars Program: A mentoring program for college bound students and DHHS Scholarship recipients
  • Digital Harbor Technical Advisory Board: A board comprised of technology industry leaders and DHHS technology faculty who plan and implement ways to improve the technology program at DHHS; ensures it stays current with industry trends; prepares Digital students for both the world of work and their ability to pass the required industry certification exams.
  • Digits for Digital (Harbor): A program with the DHHS Math Department that matches a student and his math teacher with an outside supporter / sponsor (business or individual) who will provide $140 toward the cost of a student calculator.
  • DHHS Community Swim Program:  A program providing the community with daily lap swim time at the Digital Harbor pool.

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