Board of Directors

Our founding Board consists of five community members (Deniene Davis, Jonnie Kay McLean, Keith Mitzner, Jim Shapiro, and Charley Tucker) the DHHS principal, Brian Eyer, and Nikole DiVito (also of Digital Harbor).  Our ByLaws provide that the principal always be a member of the Board and that there be a minimum of seven Directors.  Our officers for this coming year are:  Deniene Davis, President; Jonnie Kay McLean, Vice President; and Charley Tucker, Secretary/Treasurer.   Our application for tax-exempt status has been approved.

Our organizational cycle is geared to the school year.  Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.  An annual membership meeting for election of officers and reporting on the status of the organization will be held in October beginning in 2011.  Our program activity will have two points of emphasis.  In the fall we will focus on getting the community involved with the new round of students; in the spring we will focus on the annual DigiBall fundraiser for scholarships and other support.

For the time being there are three ways to get in touch with us.  If you just want to register interest, fill out the form on this website and we will get back to you.  Also, you can send an Email to, or if you are one of those folks that operates best on the phone, don’t hesitate to call 410-244-0809 (Keith Mitzner).

Board Members

Deniene Davis


Deniene Davis is an active volunteer within the Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association Board of Directors, Digital Harbor High School Advisory Board, Thomas Johnson Elementary Middle School PTO and School Family Council and advocate for Federal Hill and Baltimore City Schools since becoming a resident in 1994. Deniene and her husband Mark live in Federal Hill and enjoy the city lifestyle, neighbors and friends. Their daughter, Grace, attends Thomas Johnson E/M School. Deniene holds a BSME from the University of Minnesota and was a Territory Sales Manager for General Electric. Deniene is president of the DHHS Alliance, Inc. She can be reached at

Jonnie Kay McLean


Jonnie-Kay McLean is a retired Howard County Educator dedicated to providing higher education to Baltimore City youth. Jonnie-Kay, a long-time community activist, grew up in the United States – about 30 of them. She attended public schools through-out the north and south and is a strong believer in the value of a public school education. Before coming to Federal Hill in 1992, Jonnie-Kay spent her adult years in Detroit, Michigan and Columbia, Maryland. A life-long learner, she has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wayne State University, the University of Detroit, and George Washington University. Comparative education studies allowed her to work with public schools in both England and the USSR.
Outside of work, Jonnie-Kay has been an active volunteer in Howard County as well as here on the South Baltimore Peninsula. Her dedication to community involvement reaches dozen of organizations through volunteer activities and financial contributions. Through their personal and philanthropic endeavors, she and her husband are committed to enhancing the lives of students in the City of Baltimore.
Currently, Jonnie-Kay is an active member of the Key Highway Community Association, the Digital Harbor High School Advisory Board and the Advisory Board for the Townes of Harborview. She and her husband, Norman Morrison, live in Harborview and enjoy living, working, and playing in the city. Jonnie-Kay is Vice-President of the Digital Harbor High School Alliance. She can be reached at

Charley Tucker

Secretary / Treasurer

Charley Tucker is an independent Project Manager for Information Technology System Installations, specializing in Supply Chain / Transportation Management software applications. He is an Economist and Risk Manager by training and has spent a good portion of his career serving in Local and Federal Governments, most recently with the FDIC. “Retiring” from the Federal Government in 2005 enabled Charley to move to Baltimore (SOBO), where he now indulges a passion for sailing. An active volunteer for the City’s Downtown Sailing Center, Charley gets out on the Chesapeake Bay as frequently as his work permits.
Charley became a member of the Key Highway Community Association, where he made the acquaintance of Keith Mitzner, who persuaded him to join the DHHS Advisory Board in 2009. Charley served as the Board’s Treasurer, during the 2010 DHHS Scholarship campaign, with the initial DigiBall as its primary initiative.
Charley enjoys any opportunity to spend time with his 3 children, between the ages of 26 and 30. He can be reached via email at

Keith Mitzner

Keith Mitzner is a retired government civil servant who has lived for decades on the South Baltimore peninsula, first in Federal Hill and now in Harborview. Keith has been very active in local community associations and activities for nearly 20 years. As a member of the Key Highway Community Association, he has served several terms as Vice-President and editor of the Key Highway Community Association BU ZZ.
Keith has been a “volunteer extraordinaire” at the former Southern High School and current Digital Harbor High. Known by the students as “Mr. Keith”, he can be seen almost daily on the Digital campus working with students, teachers, and administrators. As one of the original members of the Digital Harbor Advisory Board, Keith was influential in organizing and chairing the first DigiBall (2010), a fundraiser providing scholarships for Digital Harbor graduates. Keith has always received great fulfillment in seeing others follow their higher-education dreams. His participation with The Digital Harbor Scholarship Fund and the Digital Harbor HS Alliance is his way of helping students fulfill these dreams.
Keith and his wife of 58 years, Luanna, have 4 children and 9 grandchildren (ages 18-30). They enjoy introducing their family to the vibrant Baltimore community that they are so proud to call home. Keith is a founding member and Director of the Digital Harbor HS Alliance. He can be reached at

Jim Shapiro

Brian Eyer

DHHS Principal

Nikole DiVito

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